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Research Articles

Do Scientists With Foreign Names Improve European Medical Research?  A Preliminary Study of a New Methodology
Grant Lewison, Philip Roe and Richard Webber

Stability Discussions on Some h-type indexes
Fernanda Luz da Silva, Luana Carneiro Brandão and João Carlos Correia Baptista Soares de Mello

Research fronts of Computer Science: A Scientometric Analysis
Wanjun Xia, Yanping Jiang, Weifeng Zhu, Shuang Zhang, and Tianrui Li

Mapping the Literature on Asset Management: A Bibliometric Analysis
Renan Favarao da Silva and Gilberto Francisco Martha de Souza

Scientometric Analysis of Research on End-of-life Electronic Waste and Electric Vehicle Battery Waste
Mishra Preeti and Apte Sayali

What You Publish Matters: A Novel Way of Measuring Research Sophistication
Martin Grančay

Scientometric Analysis of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
Juan Pablo Garcia Vazquez, Ricardo Salomon Torres, and Dalila Blanca Pèrez Pèrez

Research Note

Going Back in Time: Understanding Patterns of International Scientific Collaboration
Ronald Rousseau


Recruitment Boosted Epidemiological Model for Qualitative Study of Scholastic Influence Network
Snehanshu Saha, Sudeepa Roy Dey and Rahul Reddy Nandyala