Forthcoming Articles

Research Articles

Science- technology Linkage in the Field of Medical and Laboratory Equipment
Maryam Emami, Nosrat Riahinia, and Faramarz Soheili

The Status and Patterns of Open Access in Research Output of Most Productive Indian Institutions
Satya Swarup Srichandan, Rajesh Piryani, Vivek Kumar Singh and Sujit Bhattacharya

3D Printing: A Research Domain of Multiple Facets?
Andreia Galina and Jacqueline Leta

Research Diversification of Australian Universities and its Relationship with Citation-based Performance and Ranking
Alireza Abbasi and Hamid R. Jamali


The Highly Cited Researchers with Researcher ID: Patterns of Behavior through Time 
Ulle Must

Book Review

India’s Technological History through the Looking Glass 
Anurag Kanaujia

IndiaLiCS Special Issue

Publication Trends in the Informal Sector Innovation Research
Hemant Kumar

Open Science in Addressing Responsible Research and Innovation: Evidence from India and Other Countries           
Anup Das

Bilateral S&T Organisation as an Innovation Intermediary: Case Study of Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences         
Shilpa and Sujit Bhattacharya

Role of Patents in Biosimilar Drug Development and Public Interest
Rujitha Thammanathuparambil Raveendrashenoy

Webliography of water technology and policy framework in India
Deep Jyoti Francis and Anup Das