Forthcoming Articles

Research Articles

Optimization for Better World University Ranking
Pattira Jubjaimoh, Klairung Samart, Naratip Jansakul, Natthada Jibenja

Ego Citation Networks Considered as Domination Networks
Yuxian Liu, Ronald Rousseau

Article Quality Indicator: Proposing a New Indicator for Measuring Article Quality in Scopus and Web of Science
Roghayeh Ghazavi, Behjat Taheri, Hasan Ashrafirizi

A review of scientific publications and Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies in India
Amitkumar Akoijam

Water-Related Technology Research in India: Insights from Four Core Journals
Deep Jyoti Francis and Anup Kumar Das

Scientometrics Analysis in Google Trends
Sozon Papavlasopoulos

Research Note

A 2D Evaluation of Altmetrics Influence in Citation Growth: Case Study of Indian Research Articles in PLoS Journals
Deepjyoti Kalita

My Safetipin Mobile Phone Application: Case Study of e-Participation Platform for Women Safety in India
Sharique Hassan Manazir, Madhav Govind, Rubina

Book Review

Governing Science and Technology under the International Economic Order
Ashish Gosain

Universities in the National Innovation System-Experiences from the Asia Pacific
Ashish Gosain

Big Data: Does Size matter?
Arshia Kaul


Webliography of Water Technology and Policy Framework in India
Deep Jyoti Francis and Anup Kumar Das