An Analogy between Scientometric Journal Factors of Importance for Remote Sensing Journals

Journal of Scientometric Research,2019,8,2,xx-xx.
Published:August 2019
Type:Research Article

Shakil Ahmad*

Deanship of Library Affairs, New Central Library, Imam Abdulrehman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.


This paper aims at presenting the reputation and practice of SC Imago Journal Rank (SJR), Eigen Factor Score (ES) and Cite Score (CS) indicators in comparison with Journal Impact Factor. These scientometric instruments were summarized as an unconventional to the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for quality judgment in the field of remote sensing. Governing factors were investigated across alternatives that included academia, researchers and scientist's apprehensions of procedures of scientific journal ranking, publication language, assessment, analysis time and self-citation impact. The SJR, ES, CS index and JIF scores and ranking order of selected remote sensing journals were downloaded from their appropriate websites and domains. Pearson’s and Spearman’s correlation coefficients were measured to evaluate the correlation between these journal quality metrics. Selected coefficients were incorporated for rating relationships of elected variables and ranking methods. A beneficial correlation was noticed among the scores and ranking pattern based on SJR, ES, CS and JIF of the chosen remote sensing journals. Accordingly, specialist’s, scholar’s and a researcher’s in remote sensing may benefit from SJR, ES and CS indicators as substitutes to JIF for assessment of scientific journals in the concerned discipline.

Bump chart for the top 10 JIF ranked remote sensing journals in comparison with SJR ranking

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