Robotics Research in India: A Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications Output during 2007-16

Journal of Scientometric Research,,2018,7,2,84-93.
Published:August 2018
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

B. M. Gupta1*, S. M. Dhawan2

1Formerly with National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, Pusa, New Delhi 11012 INDIA.

2Formerly with National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, INDIA.


The present study examined Indian output of 4402 papers in robotics research, as indexed in Scopus database during 2007-16, with a view to understand India’s growth rate, global share, citation impact, international collaborative papers share, distribution of publications by broad subjects, productivity and in addition discuss the citation profile of top organizations and authors, preferred communication media and characteristics of high cited papers. India registered 24.84% growth, 2.21% global publications share, 9.63% international collaborative publications share, and averaged 4.13 citations per paper during the period. Computer science was the most followed subject for robotics research with 67% publications share, followed by engineering (52.34%), mathematics (12.81%), etc. Top 50 productive organizations and authors belong to academic and R&D sectors and they accounted for 61.93% and 26.94% publications share and 70.54% and 35.48% citations share in Indian robotics research output. Top 25 most productive journals accounted for 41.38% share of 1566 journal papers published in robotics research by India. India contributed only 16 highly cited papers with 100 to 368 citations per paper.

Comparative Growth Rates in Robotics Research 2007-16: World vs India

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Gupta BM, Dhawan SM. Robotics Research in India: A Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications Output during 2007-16. Journal of Scientometric Research,. 2018;7(2):84-93. doi:10.5530/jscires.7.2.14.