A new ranking scheme for the institutional scientific performance

Journal of Scientometric Research,2015,4,2,70-76.
Published:May 2015
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Selçuk Bilir*, Ersin Göğüş1, Özgecan Önal Taş2, Talar Yontan2

Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Istanbul University, 34119, 1Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabancı University, 34956, Orhanlı‑Tuzla, 2Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Istanbul University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 34116, Beyazıt, Istanbul, Turkey


We propose a new performance indicator to evaluate the productivity of research institutions by their disseminated scientific papers. The new quality measure includes two principle components: The normalized impact factor (IF) of the journal in which paper was published, and the number of citations received per year since it was published. In both components, the scientific impacts are weighted by the contribution of authors from the evaluated institution. As a whole, our new metric, namely, the Institutional Performance Score (IPS) takes into account both journal based impact and articles specific impacts. We apply this new scheme to evaluate research output performance of Turkish institutions specialized in astronomy and astrophysics in the period of 1998–2012. We discuss the implications of the new metric, and emphasize the benefits of it along with a comparison to other proposed institutional performance indicators. This study contains a new bibliometric indicator were developed to measure the scientific research performance of the institutions.

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Bilir S, Göğüş E, Taş ÖÖnal, Yontan T. A new ranking scheme for the institutional scientific performance. Journal of Scientometric Research. 2015;4(2):70-76. doi:10.4103/2320-0057.167254.